Augmented Reality for Museums and Tourism

Immersive solution in Augmented Reality to offer the visitor / tourist new travel experiences and cultural information enriched. One of the places where augmented reality finds its best application is the museum. Inside museums or in the centres of cities of art, many visitors already use their smartphones or tablets to take photographs, send text messages or chat. We create effective solutions to group communication, marketing, tourism, art and economy in a single application, providing benefits not only to the Museum but to the entire neighborhood or city that hosts it.

With an Augmented Reality App visitors and tourists can have an enriched experience that will leave a memorable memory in them.

• Aggiungere livelli di conoscenza semplicemente inquadrando delle opere d’arte.
• Visualizzare informazioni aggiuntive e contenuti multimediali sovrapposti (video e animazioni 3D).
• Vedere ricostruzioni di monumenti e ambienti 3D dove ci sono delle rovine.
• Attivare una macchina del tempo che faccia vedere in successione le modifiche avvenute nel corso degli anni ad un determinato monumento.
• Individuare alberghi, ristoranti e negozi di ogni genere nei pressi di un luogo di interesse attraverso servizi di geolocalizzazione.


AR & VR apps for Entertainment, Sport and Gaming

Turn an event into an unforgettable experience for your audience. Imagine your audience photographing the playing field, stage or screen of a cinema as 3D elements enter the scene and move to the rhythm of music. Think of your potential customers queuing up at your booth to experience the Augmented Reality that is activated with a promotional gadget that you have previously distributed. Think of a magic book that opens and comes alive with tri-dimensional and interactive content. All this and much more with our custom solutions in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


Geolocalized AR games

We combine Augmented Reality based on visual markers with geolocation to create playful experiences never seen before. Through interactive quizzes, animated books or virtual and immersive simulators, your brand associated with an Augmented Reality project makes you talk about itself in the mass media, renews its image and defines new frontiers for institutional brand awareness.

Advantages of creating a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality app in the field of entertainment:

- Promote brands and products through the interaction between the public and the product - Actively involve the public, making them interact in first person with interactive content - Entertain the public with immersive experiences during sports events or in the minutes of waiting at the cinema or theater - Share personalized photos with Augmented Reality, stimulating virality - Identify and geolocalize public transport, restaurants and bars near a sports facility, cinema, theater.