3D Configurator for Augmented Reality products

Our Augmented Reality SMART SALES solution allows your customers to view 3D holograms of any Industrial Product and configure them in the real environment. they can change it according to their preferences: change the color, add accessories, choose the equipment, change its size or combine it with other products. These functions are used to support them in the selection phase and play a key role in moving the customer and persuading him to make the purchase.


Augmented Packaging

We create apps to display in Augmented Reality additional information on the packaging of products. By framing the packaging with their smartphone, the consumer can take advantage of increased content related to the product: videos for the preparation of recipes, videos on how it was produced, tips for recycling materials, information on the diet, interactive games, digital vouchers for the purchase of other products and more.


Augmented Showroom

By using an app on their smartphone, consumers will be able to see increased content in a store simply by framing labels on products or through markers printed and applied internally. The information that customers can view are: availability of sizes and colors (link to management), recommended combinations, videos on how a product was made, commercial videos (commercials), interactive games, video tips on washing/maintenance of products and more.


Virtual Showroom

A showroom completely rebuilt in Virtual Reality and explorable at 360° with 3D viewers or glasses.
The user is immersed in an interactive environment where he can see clothing and accessories in photo-realistic quality and then proceed to select favorites. This solution can also be installed in stores (in-store) to expand the commercial offer or view items that are not currently available.


3D Scanning of commercial environments

Our 3D detection service thanks to special cameras equipped with depth sensors allows us to reconstruct in three dimensions a commercial environment, a shop or a showroom. The digital model that is generated can then be modified to optimize the exposure of the goods (virtual mechandising) and facilitate the sale. The final model can be viewed with 3D viewers and glasses.