Realmore at MWC 2019 for the presentation of Hololens 2 by Microsoft

At the MWC 2019 conference held in Barcelona on Sunday 24 February, Microsoft unveiled the next generation version of the device. We were ready to be amazed.

The bases of the device look similar to previous models. It’s a wearable device similar to the virtual reality viewers we’ve already learned about, like HTC, Samsung and Oculus. But Microsoft says it made it easier to interact with the device to help it blend in with the environment and become less intrusive. It works in a more humane way,” explained the company, thanks to a series of improvements.

To begin with, it recognizes the user through the Windows Hello iris recognition system, and recognizes the hands, creating fully articulated representations of them in the 3D virtual world. The device is also substantially lighter: the entire front is made of carbon fiber, and Microsoft has improved how is distributed the weight around, more than tripling the comfort, he argues. The design team also rethought the look and feel of the product, testing it on thousands of different heads, from people of all kinds, races and sizes, says Microsoft.

Once you experience the feeling is to touch a hologram, to interact and play with it, almost you forget that this is a digital content and that you can only see it in opposition to what exists in the real world.