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AR Smart Assistance, UX design, development, 3D modeling

RAD/AR allows you to have the complete line of Villa’s medical X-ray systems at your fingertips, get immediate access to the product documentation, view and interact with lifelike 3D models in VR/AR and share complete demonstrations wherever you are.
RAD/AR (Radiology Application Devices in Augmented Reality) is a powerful working tool designed to support the promotion and sale of Villa’s medical radiographic equipment through the use of the latest augmented and virtual reality technologies. It represents an innovative platform for product training to Villa’s commercial partners, even remotely among multiple App users.
RAD/AR is a new reference point which allows to obtain commercial information on Villa products immediately and make an engaging product presentation to achieve an effective sales force training.
How it works
  • Innovative virtual showcase of Villaís medical line equipment, based on pages dedicated to each product including the commercial description and documentation (brochure, video, product data, user’s and service manual)
  • Display of the equipment 3D model with the possibility to zoom, rotate and move it in the space
  • Display of the real size equipment in AR and VR mode through smartphones, tablets and VR headsets
  • Activation of predefined demo movements representing the main examination procedures for each product
  • Activation of 3D model movements through the dedicated control interface for our most representative systems Apollo DRF and Moviplan iC
  • Display of pin-points highlighting the most representative components for each product
  • Possibility to make a screenshot of the current 3D view that can be shared through email or other different channels
  • Remote area dedicated to the creation or participation to sales training sessions in 3D and AR mode among multiple App users, with the possibility of recording the session in progress on different Cloud storage systems