Teva Pharma

Magic Mirror Teva


Teva Pharma Italy


UX design, development, 3D modeling

Teva Pharma chose Relamore to create an interactive installation with Kinect during the 21st edition of the Cosmofarma Exhibition held in Bologna from 5 to 7 May 2017. For the occasion, the Magic Mirror Teva was created, a digital mirror composed of a 46″ big screen, a 3D Kinect camera and a computer that created the magic.

Thanks to the 3D Kinect sensor, visitors to the stand could discover the new SelfCare Teva product line by graphically displaying the action of the drug directly on their bodies, thus experiencing an interactive and engaging experience. From here, the virtual mirror magically projected an X-ray onto the users’ bodies, illustrating the action of the selected drug on the various organs. It was always possible to take a selfie to share via e-mail, thus promoting the brand and allowing the user to keep a memory of the experience or to share it on social channels.