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Paradox Engineering Sa (Switzerland)


AR Smart Assistance, development, 3D modeling

AR Smart City is available for iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Realmore developed AR Smart City, a mobile app offers a unique Augmented Reality immersion into Internet of Things applications for Smart Cities: you are guided into an interactive demonstration of how public services such as streetlight control, parking management, solid waste collection, video surveillance and public Wi-Fi can be managed and controlled from a single platform, making Cities cleaner, safer and more livable.

When entering the AR experience, the following views and contents are available:

Smart Urban Network – enjoy a digital animation of PE Smart Urban Network to see how the interoperable Wireless IoT and Wireless Highspeed IoT platform enables key City services

Smart Applications – play digital animations of urban applications including Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, Smart Waste, Smart Building, Smart Sensing and Wireless HighSpeed Services

Smart Data – look at smart devices and data in action, with simulated readings from streetlights, parking lots, waste bins, building and environmental sensors

Smart Products – learn more about PE Smart Urban Network components, discovering main features of PE Smart CMS, PE Smart Nodes and Gateways