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UX design, development, 3D modeling

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At this link you can download the markers to view content in augmented reality.

GEN30PuntoZero is a cognitive path in the world of Digital Transformation promoted by MPS Private Banking dedicated, in particular, to the first generation born in the era of Artificial Intelligence and to all those who want to live, work and invest in the times of digital transformation. Through the app developed by Realmore, it is possible to benefit from some experiences resulting from Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, that is the reproduction of a modified reality in which, to the objectivity perceived by our sight, artificial and virtual representations and information are superimposed.
It is also possible to discover what kind of users we are.
Digital Transformation in all its forms concerns each of us, influencing behavioural patterns and cultural references. Nowadays there are many fields in which we can observe the digital transformation: the tools and the machines that are used to work, the cars that we drive, the environments from which we get all the information to make our choices, etc..
Areas in which Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used, a technological system capable of solving problems or performing tasks typical of the human mind.

The world of financial consultancy also invests resources in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to support decision-making processes led by Bankers and specialists in the sector, who remain the main actors for investment decisions.