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AR Smart Assistance, UX design, development, 3D modeling

The augmented reality once again proves its versatility and utility thanks to the app developed by the Realmore team that allows to visualize in an immersive way the energy balance adopted by the Brunico Technological Institute, allowing a totally new visualization of the results obtained in the field of energy saving, the main theme of the event.

Thanks to the elements of Augmented Reality that have appeared on the display, it has been possible to visualize the specific data that indicated the actual optimization of boilers and heat sources by directly superimposing them on the devices (heat pumps, heat pumps, boilers, etc.) object of the energy balancing intervention.

The importance of the event, combined with the ability of Realmore to create apps in AR adapting them to specific requirements, proves once again how versatile and valuable this technology is in the most diverse fields of application and also in a specific and delicate sector such as the environmental impact through the monitoring of heat dispersion.