Aprilia Racing


Piaggio Group


AR Smart Assistance, UX design, development, 3D modeling

Realmore in partnership with Aprilia Racing brings Augmented Reality to the paddocks of MotoGP in San Marino and Rimini Riviera.

Aprilia Racing has commissioned Realmore to develop a software application that uses a super-technological helmet, the Daqri Smart Helmet, to display holographic contents that help mechanics during the preparation and maintenance of racing bikes.

Thanks to the Augmented Reality, mechanics will be able to visualize 3D contents of some parts of the motorcycle that interact with the user’s controls, providing graphic information in real time.

Specifically, mechanics will have the ability to interact with the 3D models of pinout connectors to visualize the functionality of wiring by looking at the individual connectors. This function speeds up cable connection activity and virtually zero reduction of the mechanical error risk to virtually zero. Through a 3D hologram of the entire motion, mechanics will visualize in real time the telemetry data concerning the temperature of water, oil and tyres inserted and contextualized in the 3D model of the motorcycle. They will then have the ability to checklist some parts of the bike for wear and tear and evaluate when to do the replacement. Thanks to the “Remote Expert” function, the chief technician will also be able to communicate remotely with the mechanics, letting them display, superimposed on the screen of the helmet, strategic information such as the type of rubber to be mounted, the kilograms of gasoline to have in the tank and the lap number of the output.