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Immersive Virtual Reality ViewerNavigating 3D or 360Sensor (Motion Sensor)Touch VR (Custom Joypad) environments

The Oculus Rift generates a stereoscopic three-dimensional vision of very wide depth. In a different way from the 3D technology used for TVs, the images that are displayed are different for each eye. The most interesting features of the device are the presence of a motion controller inserted in the viewer, the recognition of the movement of arms and hands and a higher resolution suitable for more powerful PC devices for calculating content. Oculus Rift uses patented motion technology, which offers very low latency in 360° head movements. The field of vision is very defined and the head movements generate a natural and stable immersive virtual experience. The field of view of the Oculus Rift is approximately 90° horizontally and 110° diagonally.


Realmore makes available to you the rental of this extraordinary technology for events, fairs and conventions. Qualified technical staff will assist you throughout the duration of the event. Request a free quote

Oculus Rift viewers:

We have thought of three types of offers for the rental service of virtual reality viewers Oculus Rift, complete with all accessories, lenses, cables VGA + HDMI.

Personal Computer VR-ready:

The Oculus Rift viewers need a high-end computer, we can rent you one of our computers, ready to best support any virtual experience for the Oculus.

Service and specialized technician:

To ensure the best possible result at your event or during your trade show, we also plan to send one of our specialized technicians for the duration of the event. Our technician will take care of setting up and running the system, supervising that everything works at its best, and thus avoiding last-minute technical problems for your event.


Realmore develops content optimized for Oculus Rift. The interior design, exterior, dynamic or static, video or render in CG. Our proposals are designed to make the most of your virtual viewers.

App 360º static

The software that we develop on request, will have a total coverage of vision (immersive to 360, as in real life) and content developed ad hoc, starting from your needs.

Dynamic 360º app:

The software that we develop and program for your company as well as having a total coverage of vision will be animated and will respond to user stimuli, just like during a real visit or an everyday life experience, but in places never explored before.

Personalized app:

We develop software (applications, games or videos) keeping in mind what is the communication goal that your company wants to achieve, bringing your brand into virtual reality in an effective and disruptive way.