Microsoft Hololens



Augmented RealityVirtual Reality


Augmented reality viewer for navigation of 3d environments Augmented reality viewer for navigation of multimedia content (video or infographic)MXC (Mixed Reality Captur)Clicker (Remote control for interactions)Touch VR (custom Joypad)

The device designed to exploit the potential of the Windows Holographic system, Microsoft HoloLens, is a wireless viewer that mounts inside the operating system windows 10. The lenses use advanced sensors, a high-definition 3D optical display and a system of spatial scanning of sounds that allow the wearer to take advantage of applications of augmented reality through a new holographic interface with which to interact through the eyes, voice or gestures of the hands. Additional features provided by the sensors are the ability to perform head-tracking, video capture, and sound capture. In addition to a high-end CPU and GPU, HoloLens also offers a Holographic Processing Unit (HPU), a co-processor that integrates data from various sensors and handles tasks such as land mapping, gesture recognition and voice recognition.

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