AR App for drug packaging recognition and display of enhanced information

Have you ever been curious about how medicine works in your body? We often find a lot of information on the leaflet, but we are often discouraged from reading it because it is often indecipherable.
Now, augmented reality is here to change things. With the help of AR, patients can see how the medication works in 3D before their eyes instead of reading long and boring descriptions.
In fact, our solution allows you to recognize the packaging of medicines through your smartphone and inserts innovative and enhanced content to inform the patient in an effective and engaging way.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality equipment for conferences and fairs

We develop applications with augmented digital content to involve doctors, pharmacists and healthcare professionals at conferences and fairs. In addition to capturing the participants' attention, our installations can also generate leads to get in touch with the target audience.


AR and VR Apps for medical training

We create Apps to facilitate learning on health care topics through enhanced 3D and infographic content visualization that allow greater user interactivity and ensure faster storage.


Augmented Surgery

ARAS (Augmented Reality Assisted Surgery) is a surgical training tool that uses Augmented Reality (Augmented Reality Assisted Surgery) to superimpose virtual images on the surgeon's operating field vision, thus providing a composite view of the patient with augmented content that improves the operational experience.