Augmented Reality Furnishings Configurator

We create customized Apps to view and configure Furniture or Home fixtures and modify them according to customer preferences. They can change their colour, add accessories, choose preferences, change their size or match them with other products. These are functions that serve to support them in the selection phase and play a key role in stimulating the customer and persuading him to finalize the purchase.



Augmented Furniture is the ready made solution for companies producing furniture, furnishing accessories, household appliances and objects for the home that want to create their catalog products in Augmented Reality quickly and cheaply, but that do not want to give up a quality of visualization at the highest levels. A catalog and interactive configurator where you can find Furniture and objects for the home currently on the market; configure them according to your needs, combine them and then display them in the exact point of the room where we intend to put them.