Augmented Reality is the superimposition of three-dimensional information and digital content on the real environment through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets or with the use of wearable devices of the latest generation such as viewers and 3D glasses*.


At REALMORE we develop innovative software applications in Augmented Reality to help companies improve their production and logistics processes and increase their business through the most performing, effective and environmentally friendly solutions. We realize industrial projects and contents in AR integrating them with emerging technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Body and Gesture Control and Machine Learning.


3D Configurator of Products

An Augmented Reality configurator gives you the opportunity to see your products in the real environment before they are purchased by increasing your desire to purchase. It also allows you to test the degree of appreciation of new products that are not yet in production.


Useful to visualize in the real environment the 3D model of your building or construction. It is much more interactive and engaging to explore for the user, it is ecological and allows you to reduce the costs of making a real model and reduces logistics costs.


Allows you to view bulky industrial equipment in the factory or in exhibition spaces, reducing the costs of their logistics management. It also allows a much higher level of interactivity on the part of the user since it can simulate their use even in environments where it would not be possible.


An augmented reality game is an excellent solution to bring younger children to the world of video games being less invasive and allowing a comparison with the real environment.


Realmore realizes applications that, through the technology of augmented reality, illustrate the strengths and advantages of a product in an innovative and engaging way. The projects include two-dimensional, three-dimensional and infographic animations.


Virtual Reality is the ideal instrument to explore cities and points of interest, allowing the visitor to receive constant information about the surrounding environment in real time and intuitively.


Through the use of smartphones, tablets or glasses, the tourist can experience a new experience connected to the works of art that are recognized by the device and enriched with digital content in augmented or virtual reality.

Why do we believe in AR?

Augmented Reality is a technology which is going to shift the way we work and live.

Enriches the real world

Real-world objects viewed through a digital device can be enriched with information by adding 2D and 3D virtual elements.

Supports the digitization of enterprises

All the data generated by the Apps in AR are already in digital format. This data can be used for a detailed analysis (big data analytics).

Enhanches firm productivity

Efficiency is improved through increased information and instructions that assist the operator during routine or extraordinary tasks.

Enhanches user involvement

Users can interact with objects in the real world through virtual elements that encourage their learning.

Reduces cost and chance of mistakes

A digital AR platform ensures that work can be done faster, at lower cost and with a lower error rate.

Increases and quickens sales

The display of increased content favors sales because it allows you to try a product virtually before buying it.

N.B. We would like to recommend this article of the Harvard Business Review which explains why today every company needs an Augmented Reality strategy.

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