We design and develop the best immersive digital experiences to contribute to the consolidation of companies and brands through the integration of innovative technologies into existing business models.
Thanks to the know-how acquired in 10 YEARS of experience in the field we offer product excellence by developing 3D content and software platforms in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and promoting the role that technological innovation plays in the field of communication.
For us, the customer is at the heart of every strategy; we offer our innovative solutions only to companies that believe in the technological and cultural change taking place today.
These values are so deeply rooted in the Realmore team that we believe we can make a difference.


We are specialized in cutting-edge technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality. We create unique digital 3D content on "Wearables" devices, Motion, Body Tracking, Gesture Control, and more.


We work with some of the top companies in Italy and around the world, such as: UPS, Tenaris, Sanrio, TCC Globale, Schindler, Generali Real Estate, Trentino Sviluppo, Leighton Holdings (CIMIC Group), Toyota, Medtronic, Progetto CMR, Unicredit Bank, Bayer, Aprilia - Piaggio Group, Teva, Beni Stabili.

We are looking for customers and exclusive partners interested in being in the forefront of these new technologies.

If you have a project idea that you think may be developed or improved with our experience, or are interested in trying one of our new line of products please contact us.